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2018-First Production in Istanbul

We have gained our knowledge and experience from food industry during the past 40 years, valued by turning our knowledge to talent in flavors industry, we continue to invest in Turkish flavors market. Our factory launching in turkey was with 50 different types of products in a production area of 1000 m2, our commitment is to grow with our products and pipelines to meet our customers expectation, needs and achieving our goals.

Our Purpose 


To be the market leader with a passionate and energetic team, that is equipped with a deep respect to how those simple ingredients add colors and flavors to our lives, we anticipate and look forward for the same once we are welcomed in the Turkish market.

To creat an outstanding taste as we are deeply rooted at the heart of the historical spice trade route to spread joy through delivering our unique flavors based on many years of experience. 
Our family business understands like no other the importance of spice and flavors in our culture; we do not view them as only ingredients for “cooking”; instead, they are the spark of emotions and senses.


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Sanayi Mah. 60279 Cad 146.

Ada No. 10 - Şehitkamil

Gaziantep - Türkiye
Telefon Numaramız

+90 531 821 24 84

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